Aki Kaurismäki
Marko Haavisto, in his own words:

Collaboration with Aki Kaurismäki began already in late 1980s, when Aki used Badding Rockers' music in the movie "Matchfactory girl". Next, Badding Rockers' music was heard in "Drifting clouds".

Marko Haavisto & Poutahaukat second album, a 1999 "Täydellinen maailma" got Aki really excited and after listening to it on his trip to Portugal, he ended up using our band even on the film. "The Man without a past" premiered in early 2002, and its success in Cannes film festival elevated band's career too. We had a role of a salvation army band that's drifting slowly from spiritual music to rock'n'roll.

The songs featured in the movie, "Paha vaanii" and "Stay" got a lot of attention and before we knew, we were touring around the globe alongside with the movie. During 2002-2004 we played e.g. Japan, Greece, Russia, Italy and France. In Germany we did a 2-week-tour. We played mostly our own original music. Some of the songs had been especially translated in English, but the majority was performed in Finnish. According to the feedback, we were at our best in songs that were performed in our native language.